The 2008 presidential campaign came with many surprises and unexpected turns, yet the need for change prevailed as the people rallied feverishly to put a democrat in the oval office. As President Obama now bids for reelection, his message is one of collective clarity, yet he can’t possibly be everywhere at once to spread the word. In order to earn another four years in The White House while defending a womans right to choose, he needs the help of all democrats to come together once again and offer their support. A vote for Obama means to vote pro choice, pro family, pro children, and pro harmony, which is why we’ve come up with some campaign tools of our own to help the cause. A presidential race without bumper stickers is synonymous with not having a voice at all, and the people need to speak up in as many ways as possible.

Our democratic pro choice bumper stickers say a lot more than the words printed; they represent generations of struggle and heartache. If the conservatives had their way, we’d all be taking a thousand steps back to the days of suffrage when women were treated as second-class citizens. With a lot of hard work and determination, The Nineteenth Amendment became a springboard for the fairer sex to not only cast their votes, but to achieve greatness in seemingly countless areas. With such progress being made, a vote for the other guy may prove to be costly.
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