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With materials manufactured and printed in the USA, with Union Labor, we know how to make you look great!.

Demstore.com offers the best in custom campaign materials. We are experts and know about color matching and disclaimers. We design artwork and implement your logo across a field of materials; from yard signs and lapel stickers, to t-shirts and buttons. We pride ourselves on our customer service, unmatched resources, and great diversity of quality products. Our products are produced by the best union manufacturers and printers in the USA, and they are offered at the lowest price. With our vast selection of colors, shapes and sizes, you can customize to your heart's content and get exactly what you need. Demstore.com understands that a combination of blanketing and targeted campaigning is a recipe for winning. Be broad or target a specific demographic; with our low minimum orders, you can appeal to as many groups as you want with our low prices. Our expert staff is at your disposal by phone, through email, and over the internet. If you can dream it, we can make it in America using Union labor.

DEMSTORE has been providing the following services to victorious campaigns since 1985: on-line retail sales, mail order processing, order fulfillment. Contact us at 301.651.4674 to learn more.


Demstore is your one stop shop for Democratic friendly paraphernalia, including larger than life yard signs and buttons. Demstore.com has the products you need to spread the word...show your support with pride and vibrant color. Encourage the nation to get out there and vote. From buttons, bumper stickers to hats and apparel, you can find what you need to show your support of Democrats Nationwide.

Vote in 2020. Vote Democratic. Go Dems.
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